Migraine Relief 

We can help ease those pesky migraine headaches! 
If you suffer from migraine, that awful one sided headache which is impossible to ignore, think about coming to us to have your bite checked. The misery of chronic pain can ruin every aspect of your life interfering with work, impacting on home life and generally damaging your overall wellbeing. 
Whilst migraine is multifactorial, (there are many factors that combine to cause migraine) the bite is often ignored. Despite this, where the bite is properly managed, significant relief of migraine symptoms can be elicited in 4 out of 5 people who suffer. What is more a simple test can show if you can benefit from this therapy. 
Don’t continue with the endless cycle of migraine headaches and strong medication without having your bite analysed, within 2 weeks you could be headache free or at least the frequency of the headaches and their intensity significantly reduced. 
If you suffer migraines more than once a week there is an 80% chance that your teeth are contributing to your headaches. At St Andrews Dental Care we can carry out a simple test to determine if your case can be assisted with professional migraine treatment. 
Finance options available. Contact us for more details. 

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