National Smile Month 2013

On Friday 24th we held an open day event for National Smile Month. Visitors were offered a free smile consultation where their worries about their smile was discussed with no obligation to purchase. We also performed our customary oral cancer check. We were pleased not to find any of that though! Still it’s best to check. Early detection leads to better outcomes.

This is true even for all dental problems. The most common are caries (tooth decay) and gum disease. These conditions whilst not generally life threatening have major consequences for personal well being and social confidence. Both can be painless in the early stages and can be complex to fix when they have progressed. A painful tooth may have nerve damage and needs treating fast to avoid further nerve damage and potential infection. Gum disease (Gingivitis) is usually relatively painless many people don’t realise they have a problem until a tooth becomes loose (Periodontitis) or even falls out. It can cause bad breath (Halitosis). Friends may not tell you about this. Most problems respond to regular checks by your Dentist and Hygienist and early intervention. This intervention may be simply lifestyle advice or a change in how you look after your teeth on a daily basis. All dental problems are best caught early.

St Andrews dental Care are constantly on the lookout for ways to make treatment easier and less invasive. New materials and techniques are always coming along. We have just introduced a new filling material that mimics the mechanical properties of natural tooth tissue like never before and it looks good! Because of nanotechnology this new filling should provide fillings that are better retained and more hard wearing than ever before.

Ask about other events in smile month when you come to see us.